Abe Prime Minister visit to India postponed local insecurity

MSDF ruling procedure is complete justice secretary Board of note ... Government is the fact that the security of the local is getting worse for India visit of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, which had planned from the day, we decided to postpone. Kan Chief Cabinet Secretary: [by the proposal from the Indian side, as it had been to adjust the visit of Guwahate and Imphal, which recently received reports from the Indian side about the local situation, it was decided to postpone upon consultation between the two countries are you] and depends on the Japan government officials in, in Assam Guwahati in India, which had planned to summit, demonstrations have worsened the security, such as curfew intensified is issued, the environment in which the Prime Minister Abe can visit is that was not Seiwa. It does not stand a concrete outlook for the future of the summit meeting. Prime Minister Abe this time, the Self-Defense Forces and the real to the conclusion of agreements for flexibility, such as each other food and ammunition to and from the Indian Army, had been aimed at, such as agreeing. In addition, many Japanese soldiers in World War II had planned also to visit for the first time in Imphal who died as prime minister of Japan.
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